Home Countertop Water Filter Dual Stage UF Filtration Kitchen Tap Water Purifier Filter



Product Information:

Material: Shell high quality ABS + tap 304 stainless steel
Color: Silver
Filter flow: 120L/H
Filter element material: diatom ceramic sintered activated carbon
Filtration accuracy: 0.1 micron high-precision filtration
Applicable water source: municipal tap water
Working water pressure: 0.25-0.4mpa
Water Temperature: 5-45℃(41-113℉)
Efficacy: non-direct drink
Water purification effect: removal of scale, removal of chlorine, removal of heavy metals, removal of rust, removal of sediment, etc.

Overall Size: 13 x 31cm / 5.12 x 12.20in(approx.)
PE Hose Length: 70cm / 27.56in(approx.)

● DUAL STAGE FILTRATION: Built-in ceramic filter that perfect for removing chlorine, odors, sand, silt, sediment and rust from your tap water and improve the taste of your water.
● STAINLESS STEEL COMPACT DESIGN: Made up of high-quality stainless steel material, more beautiful and soldier than plastic filters on the market. Perfect for use at home, dormitories, apartments, offices, RVs or campers.
● EASY TO INSTALL: Take less than 5 minutes to install, just remove your aerator and screw on the fitting. No drilling, plumbing modifications or large bulky tanks and filter canisters taking up space under your sink. It can be easily connected to most standard kitchen faucets.
● MULTIPLE BENEFITS: This little water purifier can provide clear, pure, delicious water for refrigerator filters and ice makers for drinking and cooking.

Ceramic Filter Cleaning:
1. Service life: if the ceramic filter element is used for a long time, the surface will intercept impurities such as sediment, rust, bacteria, etc., and the color will change. It is recommended to clean it once with sandpaper or cleaning cloth within 15-30 days.
2. Cleaning methods and requirements: please be careful when cleaning. Wash the water while turning on the faucet. Please use clean cloth or fine sandpaper. Do not use any detergent or steel ball to clean, so as to avoid damage and shorten the service life of the filter element.

Package Included:
1 x Water Purifier With Filter
1 x No. 1 Washer
1 x Universal Connector
1 x Outer Teeth Connector
1 x Inner Teeth Connector
2 x Installation Tool
(excluding other decorations)

Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day!

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