FilmTec DuPont BW60-1812-75 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element



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Brand: FilmTec

Color: blue


  • Durable with proven performance and low feed pressure:
  • Removes harmful salt & hardness from water
  • Longer element life, premium system recovery, and excellent anti-scaling performance:
  • Genuine RO product label with secure graphic and QR code.

Package Dimensions: 53x333x200

Details: Proven, reliable, high-performance water purification Globally recognized water purification solution by DuPont FilmTec with an unsurpassed reputation for consistent, reliable, and long-lasting performance. With more than 30 years of experience in water treatment and a proven track record of performance and reliability, DuPont FilmTec RO elements are manufactured using the most highly advanced, automated manufacturing technology in the industry, which results in maximum uniformity and minimized element-to-element differences. Our rigorous, extensive quality testing ensures that FilmTec elements meet our high fabrication standard. DuPont FilmTec RO Elements comes with a unique serial number on each element, an anticounterfeiting feature to help you confirm that you have purchased a genuine FilmTec reverse osmosis membrane


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