Biontech Korean Advanced Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle (Titanium Platinum Coated Plate) BTH-101T



Product name Biontech Advanced Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle BTH-101T Certification FDA , CE
Category Other Beverages
Energy Drinks
Other Health Care Products
Keyword hydrogen water , hydrogen water dispenser , hydrogen water generator , water bottle Unit Size 70.0 * 70.0 * 216.0 mm
Brand name Biontech Unit Weigh 295 mg
origin South Korea Stock 100
Supply type OEM HS code 8421
Product Information


Biontech has developed the most advanced hydrogen generator water bottle. Our high-grade Titanium and Platinum coating electrodes are durable and long-lasting. It’s easy to use and portable, making it a great drink on the go. The electrolysis method that we use is proven to generate hydrogen-rich water and preserve hydrogen for a more extended period.

 High-quality Hydrogen: Biontech uses the most developed commercially proven Electrolysis Technology to generate hydrogen water and maximize hydrogen retention.

 Industry Leading Premium Quality Materials: We use Platinum Titanium Electrode to expel and separate harmful byproducts like chlorine, ozone, and oxides.

 ECO-FRIENDLY ECOZEN BOTTLE:  This water bottle does not contain BPA, BPS, or any other bisphenols. We use a material used in infant bottles, one of our health projects that concern the customer’s health and the environment.


 SELF-CLEANING: Our innovative dry membrane design hydrogen generator inhibits mineral build-up, which produces the purest and cleanest hydrogen water available on the market today!





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